So to start, I zero rotations and hit the Delete option for the weight map. Then I adjust the inclusion and exclusion lines so that they include more of the ear while excluding more of the head. It still won't be perfect but that's ok. I'll clean it up in a bit. Now I'll choose Add and Merge Zones to Weight Map. Then I'll do a quick test of the motion to spot just how good or bad the current weighting is. Based on the way the vertices are highlighted, I'm guessing the lower part of the face is going to move more than I want... Sure enough, it does but it also is moving with a pivot exactly where I had hoped it'd be (the connection from head to ear) as opposed to where it had been moving previously (the center of the ear). Now I just need to use the Subtract option for the weight painting and remove the lower part of the face I want to keep static.