@wimvdb Thanks. Mine is called ContentLibrary_8.db and is 481 MB, so apparently it's doing something. But amazingly fast then.
Yeah, about the poser.ini, I had already done that myself by hand. Previous versions of poser I had to regularly throw away the ini and Lib-prefs as Poser all of a sudden would not startup. Read the thread here on Smith Micro what to do if you suddenly had weird start-up problems. Solution works like a charm. So I have a 'clean' set with all my stuff in it, and I whack all my runtime libraries into the LibPref.xml after it is regenerated or new.
Same for the ini file. This works like a charm as well.

I'm playing around with it a bit, and while I'm deeply unimpressed by the arcane Library search, I do love having it in a browser where I can open as many tabs as I want. I really missed that in previous Poser versions (or maybe I didn't know about it until now).

And I've changed the poser.ini 'LIB_ITEMS_SHOW_LITERAL_FILENAME' to "1" (just fiddling around) and now the search displays the extension, so at least I can see if it's a CR, PP or other file. I've noticed that selecting categories in Search DOES work, only not with an expression as '3D-Age'. Maybe it's the hyphen that screws things up, but they're not there yet, that's clear to me.

All in all I'm impressed (but I already was). I've put the runtimes on a hybrid disk & poser is running off an SSD. It's responsive and fast as I've never seen.