She : "Help? Somebody tell this guy to stop cutting me up? Please?" Me : "Sorry dear, some parts had to be finetuned". She : "Now what?" Me : "What's the matter this time?" She : "I just lost all my morphs? Again. And again, and all over Grrrr. . . Again" Me : "Sorry babe , I know." She : "And wow what?" Me : "Tja, back to default boots and hair for a couple of days". She : "I don't wanna wear the same hair for days on end, and BTW, I liked my other hairs too!" Me : "I liked your other boots too, but you"ll get your hairs and footwear back, no worries." She : "Hurry up man, and glue me back". Me : " Yeah, yeah, no panic in the house. Want some coffee with that reweld? She : "Damm you, I grew in the process. More poly's then before? Me : " Yep, you gained 6 vertex including taxes." She : "Just leave me alone now". Me: " Whatever you say dear."