@barnardino Yeah, we pretty much are. I can control the selected actor, as I do with my duplication. That said, that was one of the more tricky parts of my script, because of Poser's random behavior. Mind, I still haven't tested ProcessCommand() to see if it works. It's logical that it will given that deleting with the GUI works, but given I can't even begin to fathom what went wrong with the update to cause this problem, I'm not betting on anything. I, too, am concerned about existing scripts. This is an entirely fatal error. If it just didn't work, that would be bad enough, but it fully crashes Poser. I had to debug this, but normal people will probably just avoid those scripts like the plague if they encounter this problem. IMHO, it makes the script look dicey. I mean, I would expect a script that completely crashed Poser after an update to be doing something really klugey, overly complicated, with a whole bunch of erroneous assumptions. I wouldn't expect the problem to be just using a common officially documented method.