In my Text Prop thread, I was reminded about the ShaderWorks Postwork Manager, which appears to be a very streamlined way to add Watermarks like copyright and SuperFly Render from within Poser. It works like a charm when I'm saving .png images, but given my preferred render size, none of my images can be posted to this forum without converting them to .jpg because of the file size constraints. The Postwork Manager offers the option to save as JPEG, but I get PIL exceptions like: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Applications/Poser 11/Runtime/Python/poserScripts/ScriptsMenu/Partners/ShaderWorks/Postwork", line 492, in SaveImageBtn, quality=quality) File "/Applications/Poser 11/", line 1439, in save save_handler(self, fp, filename) File "/Applications/Poser 11/", line 471, in _save ImageFile._save(im, fp, [("jpeg", (0,0)+im.size, 0, rawmode)]) File "/Applications/Poser 11/", line 495, in _save e = Image._getencoder(im.mode, e, a, im.encoderconfig) File "/Applications/Poser 11/", line 401, in _getencoder raise IOError("encoder %s not available" % encoder_name) IOError: encoder jpeg not available whether or not I check the watermark box. (I'd first assumed that JPEG not supporting an Alpha layer might be the culprit) Anyone else on Poser Pro Sierra had this problem? Anyone with PIL experience? Poser has no problem directly saving renders to .jpg and I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that it will use the same Python Libraries... (No, on second thought, that doesn't necessarily follow at all. Why interpret when you can execute compiled C/C++ binaries)