Figures without vertex groups ! Done !

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    how would I pose the eyes? I rely on the little red circle that V4 has around the iris so I can pose the eyes.

    You can display the joint center, use a point at prop, lots of ways to do it

  • @shvrdavid I've tried that before: PITA lol

  • Ok have to fix my question. Didn't see my phone auto corrected me. When I asked if people work I meant if pbm work.

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    FBM and Partial Body Morphs work just fine. No worries here.
    Just load the morphs when the figure/prop is in its "zero" pose". (Mandatory : The figure/prop "has" to be in its true zero pose when you load the morph in this system. Then , all works as before.
    Wanna make Elf ears? Wanna make Vampire teeth? Wanna make a very slim or overweight figure? No problems at all so far.

    @ghostship @shvrdavid
    Eyeballs/Cornea combinations : => I have 2 working options and looking at a third.
    That's the fun about Poser: Always multiple options possible. LOL.

    The only problem that would prevent an automatic conversion system to go single mesh is all that loose and intersecting and unwelded geometry that is inside most mouths. (The innermouth, the tongue, all the teeth.)

    I build the figure you see above by extruding the innermouth from the inner lip loop backwards.
    Then extruded the gums from here, and extruded the teeth from the gums.
    And I extruded the tongue from the lower mouth part.
    All properly extruded from the single mesh.

    The boots (welded into the figure), the hair (unwelded just above the main figure), all have a purpose, and all continue to work as before.

    Test continue tonight. Have a nice day all.

  • @Teyon control groups add so many props into the hierarchy that it is very hard to scroll through all the actual body parts when looking with Hierarchy tab.

  • @ibr_remote everything has a pro and con. Deciding what to use and when really depends on your need. If you're a person who spends a lot of time in the hierarchy editor, it's probably not the way to go. If you're the kind of person who just wants to have an easier time selecting a ghost bone visually, then it's great.

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    @Teyon Link! Link, please!

    There you go. It's 5 years old and I don't think it has audio. I could be wrong. Anyway, I also briefly talked about this in a thread here I thought...or maybe it was at RDNA? I can't remember.

  • @Teyon that is also true

  • @Teyon
    It was at Rendo. I remember it well but didn''t bookmark it and Rendo's search is crap. They seem to have lost a lot of the site I was bookmarked to, including the cape weight mapping you showed for Rocket or Cage. I can't remember who off hand.