Odd thing with alpha and Modo (3D app)

  • Hi. A bit of a mystery here I'm hoping you can help with. I'm creating 2D artwork on alpha in Clip Studio EX, and bringing it into Modo (3D app) to map onto flat polygons to create a sort of multiplane scene (cutouts arranged in 3D space).

    The exported psd files from Clip Studio EX seem fine when brought into apps like Photoshop or AfterEffects (artwork is surrounded by transparent alpha), yet when I bring it into Modo, the alpha doesn't appear to be recognized.

    But, here's the odd part... If I take that exported psd file from Clip Studio EX, bring it into (say) Photoshop, and simply resave it, the alpha is suddenly recognized/accepted by Modo.

    So, it seems that Clip Studio EX is saving out the transparency differently somehow, compared to the same file saved out in Photoshop.

    I haven't seen any export settings in Clip Studio EX yet, so I'm wondering what might be the problem, and how I might fix it. Hope you can help.