Poser 11+ Shade 3D PRO - HAHAHAHAHA

  • Just bought Shade 3D Pro. HAHAHAHA. Doesn't work.

    Just got an email from Shade 3D tech informing me that the plugin Smith Micro sells doesn't work with Poser Pro 11; I'm required to spend even more money to upgrade <-- this is ridiculous.

    Smith Micro support email: "We're a reseller. it's the only version we sell."

    WTF? Why are you selling it without informing customers it doesn't work with your program? Why not put a note on the product page indicating it's an outdated plugin that only works with outdated / previous versions of Poser?

    What a frustrating joke.

  • @blazoneer Dude, take a breath. Smith Micro is not responsible for the plug-in. Just contact Shade 3D and see if you can get them to send you the proper plug-in.

    Here's their contact info:

    And their website forum:

    Hope that helps.

  • @eclark1849

    Hi eclark1849. I understand if my complaint comes across as perhaps unduly aggravated--it's because I am aggravated. I already contacted Shade -- they are not going to provide me a copy of Shade 16. I have to pay for it. And this--having to pay for Shade 16--isn't even the problem.

    The problem is this. I purchased Shade 3D Professional from Smith Micro's site because it's an add-on to Poser. There are no other instances of Poser selling any other version than Poser 11. So the add-on is for--presumably--Poser 11 or Poser 11 Pro. So I'm buying an older version of Shade 3D--I don't mind. What I do mind is purchasing an add-on from Poser via their website for a program the add-on does not support -- It's advertised as an add-on for Poser. Nowhere do they state "it's for older versions no longer sold on our website. Nowhere.

    The second irritant is the reply -- "It's the only version we sell." This might be true--but it's beside the point--what you're selling doesn't work. At all. With the program you're marketing.

    I would normally simply get a refund. But I actually like Poser Pro 11. And I like Shade 3D pro. So because I am on a budget, I'll wait and upgrade. But Smith Micro could have saved me some frustration with some updated information on their site.

    I posted this in part to complain about Smith Micro, hoping they would read it, but I also posted this to help fully inform anyone else interested in purchasing the add-on -- something SM should do.

    So that's my rant.

  • @blazoneer I see your point, and I won't deny that Smith Micro has a serious problem with get the copy right on their websites. I've caught them before with misprints and misinformation. However, Shade 3D has been selling with Poser ever since both were owned by e-Frontier many years ago. Since Poser 6 at least, maybe longer. Smith Micro bought Poser from E-Frontier, but not Shade 3d.

  • @blazoneer said in Poser 11+ Shade 3D PRO - HAHAHAHAHA:

    The problem is this. I purchased Shade 3D Professional from Smith Micro's site because it's an add-on to Poser.

    I can appreciate your feeling, but Shade 3D is not an add-on to Poser. It is a standalone 3D program, and its upgrade schedule isn't up to SM. Software companies don't necessarily communicate that sort of thing to resellers anyway. It would probably be helpful for SM to include in any description that Shade 15's PoserFusion doesn't work with Poser 11.

    I have gotten into the habit, when a trial version is available, of testing key programs together that I need to work together - simply because, yeah, I had it happen to me before too.

  • I bought Shade 3D Standard 16 and it will import and export OBJs with Poser sizing. That is all I need it to do for me. (Bought it direct from Shade 3D, however.) All my mesh modelling has been with Shade 3D Standard and I don't have big problems using it with Poser Pro 11, on an import-export basis.