• does anybody know what would cause text to look/ behave differently from page to page? I'm working off a custom page template, and 15pt Georgia on one page looks perfect, but ill start an new page and it looks completely different (as in HUGE). dpi, canvas size everything is the same, have my preferences set in rulers at PTS and mm. i feel like I'm missing something stupid. what is making these things look/ act differently?

  • In Clip studio the text size and font finds any opportunity to revert back to the default that was set when " register to initial settings" was last set. The best thing ( if you have chosen a standard font and size) is to duplicate the text tool set the duplicate to the font and size you want then right click its icon in the subtool palette and choose " register to initial setting". This will more reliably use the size you want.

    You can also accidentally drag a text box to a bigger size... bigger font size and it will only tell you the actual point size if you click within the text and drag the text selection blue box over a few letters.... otherwise the tool property palette tells you its a default 15 point but onl;y when you do that click and drag the blue box will it tell you that its actually 40 point text.

    If its neither of those then I am guessing that the page size in inches/centimeters is differrent between the pages even if the number of pixels on the pages is the same.