Question: Creating a Texture/sample BRush for Hair.

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    I mostly use my lil Model Claudia here for my Digital work, and So 90% of the time I am using Renderosities Gothic Long Hair; I then port the image to MS5 for the inevitable post work.

    My Problem is I have not figured out a way to create a brush that allows me to use a sample of that hair as a Ribbon, without really awful and obvious seams.

    My ideal solution would be something that layed down a sample of the Ribbon Texture that I have, but even a much smaller sample without the Seams would be welcome. I have worked on this for weeks and watched every MS5 Tutorial I can find on U-tube, but I'm just not getting a result even close to what I want. So any guidance as to a Good Brush to Modify, and any other technical advise would be very much welcome. TY in Advance. BB.

  • @Blackbirdx61 I don't know what tools are in MS but you should be able to make hair maps without having a photo. I have made a few and they work pretty well.

  • for the flat hair in your example you probably should lay the hair as flat color ( black) and then make a brush to just add the hair texture. You would make the brush shape from a few random dots ( not too many) on a grayscale layer. When you add them to the brush .. set the GAP to very close ( so they appear as lines and not dots) set the direction to either"none" or "direction of line", set the pen pressure to control density and not to control size. Try painting dark gray on the black flat hair or try using a blending mode for a more subtle effect. I would not use a ribbon brush or a paper texture in the brush for this. If you are adding open strands outside of the flat area you may want to try using the "border of Watercolor" settings.

  • noise texture/colorize/extreme motion blur going up-down the map then follow that with more noise.

    0_1481674985143_Hair experiment 5small.jpg

  • Ty Both, and ty much for the sample map will definitely work with that one. BB.