Balloons, Text not showing, please help (newb)

  • Hi, I have worked for days in my personal comedy of errors/learning, and have searched this forum, tool guide, youtube, but I have done something that I can't figure out. I've been learning to create panels, and have draft and ink layers, plus different frames. I have now gone to add text, and it shows in the layer that either a text or a balloon layer has been created, and it shows the text that I type on the layer menu, but it does not show on the picture (the text box IS there). When I try to make a balloon, it shows it as I draw and I see that it creates a layer, but then no balloon actually is drawn visibly. Thanks for any help--I am going to try hard not to overuse the kindness and brains on this forum, but am at a loss as to what to try next. Thanks!!

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  • Can you show us a screenshot snippet of the Layer palette when you have this problem ? . e.g. is the eye symbol lit. is the layer opacity at 100% is the layer blend mode set to "Normal". Is the text color the same as the background ? Sorry if these all sound obvious, but its not clear that the obvious have been discounted ( from your description).

  • 0_1481674090533_Capture2.PNG

    Well, NOTHING is obvious to me other than the opacity and I did make sure that the color is set to black on a white area, so I am hard to offend! You can see the text box there, but nothing showing. I hoe you see something that is very elementary, and that it's just a matter that I don't know what to look for. I appreciate this help a lot.

  • Your drawing color is white.

    Double click the word in text box using the Text Tool and switch your drawing color to black. The balloon also appears to have been drawn with a white line. Click the balloon with the Object tool and switch the line color to black in the tool property palette. .

    Is there a reason why you have a tone effect on the balloon layer?

  • I am going to find my way to a teacher soon, I promise. Here is what I just did: I highlighted the text, and it is now showing up in the menu's window but the text box on the canvas is still showing nothing. I tried doing the color repeatedly last night and it wouldn't show anything anywhere, so I think that's a step in the right direction! Then I chose an ellipse balloon, chose black on the palette, but it still seems to go white. PS, no reason at all for tone effect, I was probably just banging away at options to see if I could change something. I just took that off. And, balloons and text have worked fine for me in other canvases, but I think I reached a new level of clueless once I started playing with frames.

  • Delete that text layer. Then select the Text tool and do not click on the canvas with it. Open the Sub Tool Detail palette. Go to Text Settings and you will see Text Color. The first option is drawing color, the second option is Sub color, and the third is user defined. Make sure black is set to your drawing color and click that third box. If that box is selected and it is black then click Register Settings as Initial at the bottom of the Sub Tool detail palette.

    Use the Text tool to write some more text in that frame and it should be black.

  • Ahh, will try this as soon as I get back! Thanks--lots of info here from you.

  • Here are a couple more screen shots; I believe I followed your suggestions right on--if it is not clear what I am doing wrong, I think I maybe should just start over at the beginning. Perhaps I've created a glitch that I just can't get out of. Anyway, you'll see that the text is still invisible.

    1_1481694983403_CAP4.PNG 0_1481694983403_CAP3.PNG

  • I can see that the text is now black - so that is good. I don't know why I didn't see the opacity issue before though. You've created a Frame Folder and set the opacity of the folder to 0. All layers within the folder will be set to 0% opacity.

    Click on the Frame 2 Folder layer and raise the opacity to 100%

  • Garlam, that absolutely worked. And now I am able to understand yet another thing the layer menu items are telling me. I appreciate your patience and willingness to see me through this--I feel like the clouds just parted for me! Have a great day.