New content manager/downloader...

  • Anyone figure out how to use this yet? If I download a brush, then what. I go to where it is supposedly stored and nothing there (unless I have to dig through tons of sub-folders with numbers for names). This seems less useful than just visiting the site and downloading what you want. I must be missing something.

  • In the Materials Palette, go to the Downloads section. There you'll find all of the files you downloaded. Brushes have a brush icon in the upper left corner. You can drag the icon over to your Subtools palette and drop it on where you want it to be. For instance, if you downloaded an Watercolor brush, I would drop it on the set that has watercolor brushes. Same for Airbrushes, etc.

    It helps if you have chosen to display details in your Materials Palette (bottom of the palette window, It's the icon that has 2 squares with a line to the right of each). Then it's a matter of looking at the Type entry -- which should be the top/first one. If it says brush, you'll know it needs to go to the brushes. If it's an image, then it goes to an image folder in the Materials Palette.

    Using the Clip Studio app is actually a bit easier and has features that just downloading doesn't. For instance, once you register with the app (or from the website -- which I did), the app tracks what you downloaded and allows you to seamlessly re-download the item if it gets updated. And when browsing the items, you can see which ones you've downloaded, so you avoid dupes.

    The major downside is that the names are still untranslated, so once you move the item where you want it to be, you'll have to rename it. That may just be my OCD for naming stuff on the computer, though.

  • @cartoonMike
    Thanks! I didn't know there was a new "downloads" section in the "Material" window. How in the world did you find that? Thought I had to drag and drop from the Clip Studio app (hate that they are basically named the same).