downloading assets

  • I am using csp pro and ı want to add assets but in csp there isn't material palette and downloadings.I tried 'organize material' and 'install material' but they didn't work too. Do you have an offer ?

  • @mio Check and see if you have the material palette open -- It's in the Windows menu and the submenu item is material palette(all) . See if it's not "hiding" under some other palettes, check the tabs on the top and under them (move the palette window around).

    Once you're able to see the Materials Palette, go to the Downloads folder icon in it and there should be an icon for "search for Additional materials". Clicking on that icon should open the Clip Studio app, which is a front-end for the materials "store" for CSP. You'll need to either log in or create a log-in in order to download content.

    All of the above requires having the latest version of Clip Studio Paint (1.6.2 as of this writing). This is the only version that has the CS app and the ability to download & install materials. If you haven't updated, then you won't be able to download content from within CSP via the Clip Studio app.

  • @cartoonMike where can ı update to 1.6.2 ? Can you give link please? and mine is 1.5.4. CSP pro .

  • @mio Try this link: Smith Micro Blog -- CSP Update

    Make sure you have your serial number for the update, just in case things go wrong and CSP asks you for a serial #.