Unusual SF bug when rendering a 30 frame animation

  • It's a loop of a prop I'm rigging. The final 2 frames have a U-shaped set of ~7 missing buckets (as in, background color) near the center of the scene as though the movie maker decided the frames were completed before moving on to the next ones. They're the same ~7 buckets in each, and this only applies to the final 2 frames.

    I hid the ground plane if that makes any difference here.

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    I can't help but want to point out that any time you ask about some odd behavior, you should tell us exactly which version of Poser you have including build number. And, if that build number isn't the latest build, we're just going to automatically tell you to update to the latest build.

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    I just checked my download manager, which required me to actually update the download manager (grr - update yourself, you stupid DM, so I don't have to wait. And WTF why should you need me to reboot my system? Urgh.)

    Anyway as of this post, the latest released version of Poser 11 is If you don't have that, go get it.