Delete Mouth from MedResMale / Delete ears

  • Ive have been trying for hours to delete or at least deactivate/set invisible the mouth of MedResMale, Its on the head, and goes off when head is turned of, can touch its textures, but theres is no OBJECT perce called mouth...

    Is there a way I can Delete completely the hears of a character? I dealed with nose flating it, but hears still giving me trouble.

    Thanks for your advices


  • @arcanebits You could try using the morph brush and smoothing out the ear areas until they blend into the head. I thought Darrell had included morphs for turning the ears on and off on those figures but I guess not. If you have access to a sculpting application like ZBrush it may be easier to smooth out the ears there.

  • I managesd to smooth out the ears, its an alien, so a littile bit of hears desnt hurt, same with the nose...

    How can I open the characted in Blender?

    Greets, Aldo

  • @arcanebits @vilters has some tutorials on youtube.

  • nice, Really, Really nice...

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    If you say what you want to do exactly, I can make a video special for you.

    I works with these figures a lot, and I know how to change them.

    Deleting the mouth is no problem.
    But what do you want to do next?

  • im making an alien. so the sipler the better.

    I managed to delete ears via flatten, the mouse is no problem at this moment, but a serius issue is that now it walks funny, because it doesnot bend the knees and ancles.. Acivated and deactivated de Ik and nothing.

    I know that I can tweak that by hand, but will be better if I can do it somehow faster.

    Also, I want a 4 fingers aliens, Turning off a finger, then deforming the hand its the way to go?

    Thanks again!

  • Last post wasnt english! sorry, I will re write.
    The mouth at this point is not a concern. I managed to "flatten" out the hears it did work nicely.

    Now the Issue seems to be the walk cycle, The character does not move "rotate, bend" ancles and knees, and walks funny and unrealistic, i have turent on/off Inverse kinematics and nothing. I was thinking becase I shrink the feets, to i put them back to 100% and it doesnt work either.

    Last bust not least, I will like to remove a finger... or two... :) Turning of the fingers and then morphin back to block the empy space is a nice workaround?


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    Attention : When you remove geometry from the figure (removing fingers or removing inner mouth) all existing morphs will stop working, and you will have to rebuild those too.

    If a figure does not bend any more where it is supposed to bend?
    => Open the Joint editor and see that all bones are still aligned with your modified figure.

    Some screengrabs would help to see what is happening so we can hep you better.
    Best regards, Tony

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    Also :

    Removing the fingers is easy in Blender.
    But in Poser you will have to go through the setup room to remove the bones, and then re-align the existing bones with the existing fingers.

    Attention again. All bones and vertex groups have to have the same internal names.