Clip Studio Paint Pro, upgrade to 1.62 rendered 3D material useless!

  • For the past 9 months, I have enjoyed working Clip Studio Paint Pro in my 64-bit Windows 7 installation on my decade-old hardware with Intel integrated video.
    • I have enjoyed using the default 3D backgrounds
    • I have enjoyed using the default 3D materials, like the laptop
    • I have mastered the posing of the default 3D characters

    However, I upgraded to 1.62 the other day. Today, I decided to download 1,365 materials from the cloud because that new SLR camera was not installed. -- Sadly, that nice fancy, SLR Camera only shows up in Fast mode.

    I even saw a nice background that I like...
    But it only shows up in Fast mode. Then, when I select Normal mode...
    The content is invisible!

    I never thought, that my most favorite feature of Clip Studio Paint Pro would ever come to an end... But it did!

    I had sent E-Mail to Smith Micro technical support, hoping there would be a usable solution that will not cost me money, like buying a new video card. But, if it's the case that my hardware is no longer compatible to the latest version of Clip Studio Paint Pro, then the product has become mostly useless to me. Only recently, I have migrated my skills from GIMP into Clip Studio Paint Pro. Now that the 3D material no longer works with my old hardware, then it seems I might be going back to GIMP. That $25 I paid for Clip Studio Paint Pro; I didn't know that software would not last long.

  • I hope you get it sorted out. Perhaps a graphic card driver update might help. In the mean time, check out Krita - another opensource graphics program. Krita is specifically designed for painting and inking and you may find it a better fit than gimp if you are accustomed to the clip studio way of doing things. For 3D check Blender and look at some youtubes for comic rendering, which it can do via the built in freestyle rendering engine.

    Don't give up on clipstudio though, I think it is the best program on the market for this kind of thing and there is possibly an easy fix for your problem.

  • @takeshi Can you run a performace check on your machine? In CSP go to Help>Graphics Performance Check. What are the results?