Vicky Four is ten...Happy Birthday!

  • It was pointed out in another forum that Vicky Four; dear old Vicky, is now ten years old. In digital years this is ancient, yet she still looks great, sports a massive wardrobe and has hundreds (at least) of characters that make her endlessly versatile.
    Throw in all the morphs and add-ons (Four-point-two-plus-plus-elite) and you have a lady that can go anywhere and do anything. Vicky (and Mike) have starred in my short training animations for years (now decades) and show no sign of giving up. They keep looking better with new render engines and I've learned how to make items for them myself.
    Happy Birthday sweety!

  • @pleasejustwork Her sisters V3 and Aiko3 are just a bit older, around 12 or 13. Their wardrobe isn't as extensive though and they're getting a little stiff, but they're both still hanging in there.

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    LOL, If we were digital "content", we would not age either.
    Shoe's would never wear out, the same clothing sizes always continue to fit.
    Where can "we" become digital content?

    Would a walk through the fitting room be "good to go"? :-)

    Hup, hup, hup to M/V/4, up to the next decade"s" - s - s - s - s - s - s.

  • @vilters apparently in the new Star Wars film they have brought Peter Cushing back from the dead!

  • @eclark1849

    And they still look great, thanks to EZSkin3:

    alt text