Anyone know the best method for making animated poses?

  • One of the few things you ever see Poser being used for is animation. Aside from using bvh poses. anyone know a good method for making animated poses?

  • Rotoscoping. use a video as a background and copy the movements that the actors do in the video.

  • @ghostship Has anyone used the Kinect feature in Poser yet?

  • @eclark1849 do a search here and at rendo for Kinect. You should find a bunch of posts on it. I think I have read that the Kinect for Windows is slightly better than the one for XBox.

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    Ha Earl, I fear the "darker" side of the Internet does not agree. :-)
    You know, the side where clothes are optional?
    There's a lot of "movement and animation" there. LOL.

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    I've found several Poser animations on youtube that were pretty decent. There is also a huge catalog of bvh files on sharecg that can be imported into Poser and cleaned up then saved back out. Some work better than others and are easier to clean up.
    Most generally don't say whether or not they used bvh to create their animations.

    IIRC, it's only the v1 kinect for windows that works. I don't know if the v1 sdk will work with v2 kinect or not. It seems to be rather difficult to find a v1 kinect other than used on ebay which may or may not be functional.

    The walk designer also helps at least for a starting point. You can do walk and run cycles with it pretty easily and it will work for most figures, you might have to adjust some of the limbs tho.

  • All kinds of live capture solutions are falling in price, and even marklerless capture. I still feel that live action capture will yield the best results but you'll want at least two semi decent video cameras to do it. Not played with it, but I suspect the detection quality and resolution ofthe Kinect system, apart from being two dimensional is as crappy as you would expect from a £60 toy, but if you don't mind a lot of time-consuming clean up, it might be an introductory budget solution.
    I would go with pre-recorded BVHs (which still need clean up for Poser), but of course may well lack the kind of motions you require. Trubones has a sale on right now.