Reference footage?

  • So I'm trying to animate something, I've got a clip for reference, I was wondering how I get it into poser. The footage is of someone doing a flip (cause this is totally gonna work). I used import background footage, but it was way too big to use as a reference image (I'm kind of trying to get it so that the reference person is to scale with my model.) Is there a way I can either make the background footage smaller, or make the footage the texture of a model? Or just any alternative that would work.

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Load a simple flat plane prop into the scene, and orient it as a vertical movie screen. You can then scale it to whatever size seems to fit. In the (advanced) material room, add a movie node (new node : 2D textures : movie) and apply the movie to that node.

    If you're on a 64bit system, Poser might not read the 32bit codec. The bulletproof solution is to load the movie into a video editor and then export all frames as sequentially numbered JPGs. Put these JPGs in a folder and copy it to your downloads\runtime\textures. Load the first frame ("flip_001") into the movie node. That works regardless of bitness.