Info on Clip Studio Paint pro before buying :)

  • Hello, i'm going to buy Clip Studio Paint (the digital version), but i have doubts:

    1. requirements, i have a mac mini (without dvd rom) and the last requirement for Clip Studio Paint for apple macintosh is "DVD-ROM Drive"
      i think i don't need it because i'll buy the digital version but... i'll love a confirmation
    2. If i buy the digital version can i, with the only license i buy, use it with my mac mini and with a windows notebook?
    3. If the answer to the previous point is yes and i want to download Clip Studio Paint just once for Mac and once for windows then is the "Optional Extended Download Service" (€ 10,68 in my cart) needed?
      How much time i have to download the packages from internet? 24 hours? Can i download upgrades without it?
    4. After buying Clip Studio Paint from Smith Micro, I'm entitled to download the assets from celsys' site?

    I'm eager to buy Clip Studio Paint, thank you in advance :)

  • CSP works fine on my Mac mini. You don't need a DVD drive for the download version. You can install on two machines with your license, and i believe it doesn't matter if they run different OS. You can download assets from CELSYS with the smith micro version. In fact if you want to download updates to clipstudio software you can grab the software download from CELSYS any time so the optional extended download service is not needed unless CELSYS change their policy.

    Hope this helps.

  • @c1cc10 I was able to use the Mac version and the Windows version simultaneously.

    Also, just keep an offsite back up of the install file and not opt for the Optional Extended Download Service. Updates have been free for users. They just released a new update the other day, and everyone received an announcement to download it for free, so you should be good to go.

    As far as how long you have to download, I can't help you there.

    CSP is a great program. I'm glad they dropped the name Manga Studio and went with it's original title. Something seemed less professional about it.


  • @pavig @aaron thank you!! i made the purchase , no optional extended download service. I think that if they update the requirements and put a small bit more effort in writing the informations then people would buy more easily Clip Studio Paint.
    I know the questions were a bit on the ridicule side, but i've grown a bit suspicious of incomplete informations and i never purchased from smith micro before.