issue with CSP on windows 10 pro

  • While using CSP on my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro I'm experiencing an extreme lag when closing panels or
    changing panel opacity. I can literally watch pixels appear or disappear. Same about
    transforming panels, rotating, resizing etc. Everything happens extremely slow.
    My operating system is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i7, 16 GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
    4GB, 3840x2160 display. 80% of my memory is allocated to CSP. All my drivers are up to
    date. I don´t experience any problems while performing the same operations on photoshop,
    therefore I don't think it's a driver or computer performance problem. CSP graphics test says everything is ok.
    Also, I´ve already deinstalled re-installed CSP and my Wacom drivers.
    I've already contacted CELSYS user support and got this response: "Thank you for the feedback.
    We will take into account your opinion to improve customer experiences."
    Maybe you guys can help me out? I'm using CSP for my daily work.
    Thomas Nachlik