Inset word balloon

  • Hi, Been wondering if there was an efficient way to create inset word balloons (like those seen here).

    One can use the divide frame border tool to cut away a portion of the frame and then manually delete the remainder, but the tool is difficult to get to create a smooth shape and also would make it difficult to create a arrow.

    I also tried creating a word balloon as a frame but unfortunately you can't subtract from balloons as far as I can tell. One can use the tail tool, but still run into the same problem of unsightly shapes.

    If anyone has a suggestion other than simply doing it manually I'd be glad to hear it. thanks!

  • I'm not sure I understand the question and your link goes to a page with a lot of different word balloon examples. If you're asking about creating word balloons that break the panel border (the frame) then you can just put your lettering in a folder outside of the Frame Layer folder. Make a selection of your gutter space and invert. Go to your lettering folder and click the quick mask button.

    0_1482458475298_mask lettering.jpg

  • Beautiful! Yeah, sorry I guess I meant the first image at the top, for me it's a mignola page. Pinterest is funny that way.

    Anyways yes that worked quite well, thanks I appreciate it!

  • I like the look of the balloons that break the borders too. You can avoid the extra steps of inverting the selection and clicking the quick mask by adding a Mask Selection button to your Selection Launcher. Go to View>Selection Launcher Settings and go to Layer>Layer Mask>Mask Selection to add it. Then it's a one click operation.

  • That's pretty clever as well, thanks.

    I also eventually figured one can also just cover up the panel border/ballon with a layer of white. Otherwise I'm finding it rather difficult to get a clean transition between the two borders when using the selection tool. I get borders like this the way I'm currently doing it.


  • To select cleanly from the gutter uncheck anti-aliasing in the magic wand tool property settings.

    0_1482461253491_anti alias.jpg

  • Hmm Ok, hey I don't mean to be a bother but perhaps I was misunderstanding before. To produce my first error, i was manually selecting. However if you're using the magic wand tool then manual selection is clearly not the issue. I just tried using the magic want tool and following the same procedures but I'm producing this instead of a non-existent border.


    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, what am I doing wrong here?

  • Hold ALT and click the eyeball on your Frame Layer Folder so it's the only thing you see on the canvas. Be on the Frame Layer folder and click the white gutter space with the Magic Wand. Hold ALT again to reveal the other layers again. Go to your Lettering folder and make the mask.

    To make the selection as you have, I assume you're making a selection of the mask on the Frame Layer folder.

  • Sorry, I swear I'm usually not so slow with these things. Here's what I'm doing
    step 1
    step 2 (selection inverted)
    Step 3

  • Check to see if you have area scaling checked in the Magic Wand tool property.

    Or are you making the selection from the ruler? The stroke of the Frame is on the ruler. The center line is in the middle of the stroke. You can't select from the ruler to do this.

  • I can see in your first image that the Frame ruler is selected as well as having a selection made. If you used the Magic Wand, that Frame wouldn't be selected like that. The only way to have that frame selected is with the Object tool. When you select the Frame Layer folder to make the selection from be sure you click on the frame image in the thumbnails.

    0_1482470710248_click here.jpg

  • BOOM! Area scaling on the selection tool was the issue. I was looking around to see if maybe MS had a stroke inside outside middle setting like in illustrator. I forgot I normally have my want set for selecting areas for color using the reference layer feature. Thanks Garlam! Heres a cookie! :)