Is wacom pen rotation worth buying the art stylus?

  • I didn't know that my Intous 4 would receive pen rotation data if I used a Wacom Art Pen. Is it worth spending almost $100 on a new stylus to get this added variability?

  • If you were using a brush with a tip that was a thin ellipse rather than a circle, the rotation would be able to turn the orientation of the ellipse - like you were using a chisel shaped marker. It would also turn the tip image so if you used a splotch to make a watercolor tip, you could turn that image as you painted. Whether it's worth it or not to buy is a difficult question. Do you ever find yourself saying "Geez, this brush tip orientation is driving me nuts".

    You can also add rotation to a shortcut keystroke as well (clockwise and counter). I'm always spinning my stylus as I draw (very fidgety) so I like the shortcuts.

  • @garlam bolded text where's the shortcut for pen rotation?

  • You have to set it up. Go to File>ShortCut Settings. Go to Options in the Settings Area drop down. Scroll down to Brush Tip and you'll see Rotate Clockwise and Rotate CounterClockwise. Assign whichever keys you want to those functions.

    On my graphics tablet I have two scroll wheels with two toggles each so I've assigned the short cuts to a wheel.

  • @garlam cool! thank garlam!