Pen Pressure Not working

  • After the recent update Clip Studio's Pen pressure stopped working for me.

    I've updated and repaired everything. My pen pressure is fine in Photoshop, it's only CSP it's not working in.

    I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD. Can anyone help?

  • I too am getting this problem as described. I tried the following solutions to attempt to fix the problem:

    1. Disabling the Tablet PC Service in Windows and Switching to the WinTab option and check-boxing the "Use mouse mode from tablet driver settings" options.

    2. Updating my version.

    The first option fixed the Pen Pressure for me in Photoshop but not in MS.

    Note, that I am currently using Manga Studio 5 Pro and I installed Clip Studio Debut to doublecheck and it is the same there. My current best guess is that either:

    1. My current version of WinTab is not compatible with MS/CS

    2. There is something within MS/CS that is missing, like a missing/damaged file, or a setting somewhere within MS/CS or Windows itself that is incorrect.

    I truly miss pressure sensitive vectors so I will greatly appreciate any help on this subject.

    Thank you.