How to Properly Upgrade from MS 5 Pro to CS Pro?

  • Good day,

    I recently convinced a friend to purchase CS Pro so she could take full advantage of the stabilization feature for her shaky lines and have the vector tools at her disposal for the same reasons. I decided to take advantage of the free upgrade from MS 5 Pro to CS Pro but I after I installed the update file I am stuck on CS Debut and my CD Key that I used to obtain the update is not being accepted. Things to note:

    1. I used my MS 5 Pro CD Key to obtain the update file from the Smith Micro Website so I know that it is still valid.

    2. When I ran the installer file I installed it in the suggested path for CS instead of in the current MS folder. So both are still installed and are in separate locations.

    3. The CS Debut version that is installed has a completely different CD Key than the one that I used to obtain the update file. I assume that this is because it is Debut and not Pro.

    What is the proper procedure for updating from Manga Studio 5 Pro to Clip Studio Pro?

    Thank you.

  • I found the answer myself elsewhere: