Midi scripts?

  • I have a bunch of Midi gear, midi is 'musical instrument digital interface' standard to the uninitiated. I have a Behringer controller with 24 knobs that are dying to be useful for controlling Poser dials. Is there any way a Poser script could be made to access dials from midi devices? In my opinion this would be a killer feature, while animating you could just easily move knobs and keep your hands more or less off the mouse. I am disabled so for me this is an accessibility issue, but I'm sure many would love this ability. Thoughts?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    There is a very old python script in which a piano model is driven by midi files.
    It is from Ockham and can be found on this page (second file from the bottom),
    I hope this helps

  • Ah thanks, I did see that before, but it isn't exactly what I'm after. Anyhow, I hope someone from SM is listening, because this could be a killer feature for many people.