VR Rendering

  • According to the Blender.org home page, Cycles is now incorporating VR rendering support. Know that Poser is now working with the Cycles developers, I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in being able to render in VR?

  • $600 for a pair of toy goggles does not look like a smart investment.

    How would your VR experience with Poser be? Would we be watching 3d videos? Interacting with V4? How would that work?

  • VR in Poser not sure how this would work, VR in most 3D SW is there, because you can create content for VR like are games etc

    Still not sure if Poser would benefit from VR...

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • I guess it could add value to low quality renders - firefly with everyything set low, or even preview renders, but I agree with ghost, the hardware is far too expensive, and I'm not really sure what the benefit would be. It's not as though games programmers are using the Poser engine as a first step in their process. If on the other hand, VR is a tool for exploring your own scenes whilst creating them, that would be a nice idea, but again the hardware cost is way too high.
    Gimmicks like this tend to get picked up because they are fashionable not because they are desirable. I think SM has far more important concerns.

  • @ghostship While some of the headsets are definitely very expensive, not all of them are. I've seen some as low as $29-$49 and for use with a smartphone.