Feathering in CSP?

  • is there a a way to create a feathered selection such as a vignette ?
    I did a quick mask, then transparent airbrush, but came out raggedy :(

  • The only way I have found is:
    Marquee Tool / Selection Pen
    Then just Size and Hardness


  • When you do the quickmask and paint with the airbrush, then click quickmask again, the marching ants will look jagged but the selection should still be feathered.


    There are some anti-alias options for selection tools as well the hardness and opacity options as Micmac pointed out but I'm not sure if it's needed with quickmask.

  • Yes, I thought it was similar to that. I found under "Selection>Blur Border", but it only goes to 10 mm max. So I guess I'll may have to create my shapes with a ruler > create selection > blur border > snap transparent airbrush for further feathering. Thank you all for the quick response!!0_1482713173234_blurborder.PNG

  • On a clean layer you can paint the area you want ( in any color) as a selection and use the gradient tools or very strong Gausian Blur ... then Layer>Selection from Layer >create selection. ... and you can get a vignette of any fade length that way.. I would not recommend using airbrush methods if you want it smooth. e.g. you can even set the Selection pen to work in Spray mode but the results are horrid.

  • Thanks sir, I'll add these to the quiver.

  • Something to note about the visible selection border ( because it certainly confused me at first). . If the selection "opacity" ( if I can call it that) is between 1% and 50% its still in the selection but the border only shows up when the selection opacity hits 51% or greater. That sudden switch at the 50% point can result in the selection border looking jagged when in fact the selection is fading slowly. On a selection that is fading at a constant rate then the border will show exactly half way through the fade. The marching Ant line is not marking the start of the fade or the end of the fade but the point half way between the two. So when you use Blur selection the selection appears to get smaller but in fact it is expanding the selection. the blur occurs in equal measure both inside the original selection and outside the original selection.

  • @888toto Yeeaahhh! I noticed that.