lag Color Wheel

  • Version 1.6.2 I'm using the tablet wacom mobilestudio pro 16. WINDOWS 10PRO. I7 Nvidia Quadro 16gbram.
    The Color Wheel doesnt work good. When I try to pick up some color the cursor has very lag on it .. Any tips?

  • Does it work on every other pen drag? In other words, you drag your pen through the palette, and it works, then you lift your pen, and then repeat the action but this time it doesn't respond? Others are having this issue if so.

  • The first pen drag works.. Then with or without lifting the pen it doesn't work.. or if it works is not smooth.. Do you know if there is any way to fix it? Thanks

  • @daaave Wacom released new drivers yesterday evening, 1/4/2017, for both Mac (6.3.20-4) and Windows (6.3.20-3). I'm going to install them shortly and try it out. Luckily, this problem in CSP doesn't effect drawing. It's just an annoying.