Props, characters eyes, and lighting all look weird in preview

  • The is a fresh Poser 11 install. The characters eyes are all one color: no iris. Same for any glass objects like a vehicle window; they are a solid color instead of transparent. Additionally if I select a light and try to change it's properties, they won't change; like if I uncheck shadows, the shadows won't turn off, or if I change from a spot light to an infinite light, then try to change it back to a spot light, I will still see a bright glare on the figure from the infinite light.

    Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change? Everything looks fine when I render it.

  • @jose48 Superfly handles textures differently than Firefly and the preview might look different. What character are you using?

  • Are you rendering with Firefly, Superfly or Cycles?

  • @ghostship I've played around with quite a few of the Poser 11 characters and see them same results with them all. I first noticed this with Pauline though. More specially in her case her entire eyes are solid black and her eyelashes are black smudges. When I render her she has nice eyelashes and sparkly green eyes.

    Does the render engine affect the way things will preview in the work space?

  • @eclark1849 I've only bee using Poser for a few days so forgive me if I'm not understanding your reply. I don't know much about the render engines, but I've tried both and the outputs look great. It's when I'm in the work space that things look off. I'm following the official Poser 11 tutorial series by Steve Harms and his characters and lighting look normal in preview.

  • Can you show us a screenshot of your preview settings? This is the preview tab of the render settings.

  • @jose48 When you use the Superfly PBR rendering engine, poser cannot provide fill colour previews in the main window. If you are using the firefly renderer, this will not be a problem unless you have no firefly materials defined. If you are using off the shelf textured charaters, this should not be a problem but perhaps you have changed the document or object display style to one of the non textured modes?

  • @matb It's entirely possible that I changed something. When I got this a few days ago I tried learning from youtube tutorials which probably wasn't the best place to start. I hope I don't need to reinstall poser.

  • Nope, you definitely will not need to reinstall poser. There is a panel in the bottom left of the screen called "Document display style" ensure that it's set to "Texture Shaded". This makes document wide changes. If you are loading news figures and only the eyes are white, it may indicate that a material for the eye has got lost, OR that the obect style for that part is set weirdly. It may also indicate that that part uses a superfly material and has no posersurface equivalent so that it renders properly in firefly. By far the most likely (in your case unless you've been changing materials) is simply that a material has failed to install. The simplest way to check this is simply to render the scene and if the part still shows all white or black, then the texture has gotten lostr or was never installed in the first place.

    Just to jump in for redphantom, your preview settings appear fine.

  • @matb It's only when I'm in the preview tab that I have problems. The renders look awesome. The document style is definitely set to textured shaded. The only way I've found that I can see the eyes and see though glass in the preview tab is if I change display from OpenGL to SreeD.

  • Ah that's interresting. A siomilar thing happens to me sometimes but with parts turning transparent. The fact that it works fine with the software renderer suggests that it's a graphics driver problem. Do you have the latest driver for your card, or have you just upgraded to a new one? Which card do you have?

  • @matb I have an Intel HD 4400, which came with this computer. Upon researching it, it looks like this is something I should definitely replace. Any suggestions?

  • @jose48 I've also had problems not seeing actual textures in Preview mode, and I realized while chatting with a friend, that it's my CPU with integrated GPU. This 4 year old laptop doesn't have a separate GPU (such as nVidia, ATI, etc.) as my old laptop did, and that's what's causing me to not see textures in Preview, as I would when rendered.

    I so need a new laptop.

  • @jose48 How often do you plan to use your computer for 3D, and what is your budget? I assume you don't play games? What CPU do you have? Are you planning to do stills or animation?

  • @matb I want to make some animations. I can't say how much time, but I'm guessing I'd be spending quite a bit of time making them even if they are short animations. I could probably splurge a little; maybe $200, $500 max.

  • Okay, well depending upon the quality you're expecting from your animations, and your idea of "short" (a few seconds, or a few minutes?), you should at the very least be looking at one of the higher end gaming cards such as the GTX 980 or better yet the GTX 1060 or 1070. I don't know anything about rival manufacturers - they may make products equally good but I simply have no experience, and like the choice between Intel and AMD "Nobody ever got fired for buying Intel!"

    You could get away with MUCH cheaper cards such as a 780 and transfer the burden to your CPU. Indeed, if you are prepared to sacrifice render quality by using the Firefly engine instead of the Superfly engine - the latter is a physically based renderer that very closely duplicates the properties of real materials and light interactions - then you could buy a card for under $100.

    Unless you don't mind leaving your computer running for a day each high quality frame, you cannot have both a weak CPU AND GPU.

    What I suggest you do right now is suck down the inconvenience of not seeing full textured previews, create a few scenes, maybe even a short animation. Render using Firefly then try the same using Superfly, and see where your priorities lie. Then come back, reread this post and ask as many questions as you need.

    To summarise: Poser's Superfly rendering engine is very realistic, and benefits from a fast card with lots of onboard memory, but takes a LONG time to render. Poser's Firefly rendering engine is far less realistic (but still completely acceptable, especially for cartoon and manga work) and benefits from a good processor more than the graphics card, enabling you to buy a far cheaper gaming card.

    Whichever card you eventually opt for, 4GB of card memory should be your bare minimum. The more the better for superfly rendering.

    Whichever way you go, you'll also want an absolute bare minimum of 8GB of system memory, although 16gb will reward you if you plan to create scenes with more than 6 fully clothed figures plus backgrounds in them.

    Have fun!

  • @matb Thanks, this is some handy info. I'll probably just suck down the inconvenience for now while I get familiar with Poser, and also spend time researching my options and and my computers capabilities

  • @jose48 Yes, that's definitely a good plan for now. If it's REALLY annoying you, you can buy a secondhand 560ti on ebay for about £/$50-75. It won't be unbearable, and it will act as a good intermediate step until you understand your needs better.