Art Rage 4.0 Paid In Full No Link To Download Or Serial Number

  • After paying for this product and others it seems that when I loginto Contentparadise this information is not there however I have proof on my Paypal statement.... can someone advise what to do ?


  • It may be worth contacting Ambient Design as well, as they handle serial numbers and downloads of their software:

    Best of luck.

  • How long did you wait before posting here?

    It is rare that a reseller has a big pile of serial codes waiting to sell (or ability to generate serial codes). Sometimes resellers have a pass through mechanism. Sometimes this simply sends info to the vendor to supply a serial code and collection serialization information. Often the reseller has to request a code, one by one. There are also intermediary systems that can automate a lot of this, but there isn't a common way it is all handled.

    If you license downloadable content from Content Paradise (and most others), you can download immediately because it is uploaded by the vendor.

  • I have all my other software listed but not this particular one