Poser 11 bug? Can't resize V4 and M4 heads?

  • I can change the size of the heads of Daz's 3rd generation Michael and Victoria, but not the 4th gen. Is that a P11 bug? Is there a work-around?

  • @willshetterly I'm able to with V4
    0_1482948177798_head size.jpg

  • I can scale her head as well in P11, but you have to set "Show Hidden Parameters" to get to the scale options.

  • Ghostship and Glitterati3d, thank you! That works for me too. Any idea why Daz decided to hide that, or if it's a quirk of the way Poser deals with Gen 4?

  • There's also a head problem with Rob, their elite black figure. Injecting the shape morph makes the head grow to double size. And their early M4 reIease had all its body part morphs just thrown into a single folder. I think perhaps in some areas their quality control slipped for a while. At least you're bot using V6, for some reason all her head morphs are now part of her body!

  • @matb
    I just tried Rob in Poser 11 and he seems to work fine. I tried both after injecting Morphs++ and the Elite morphs, and clicking on the Rob face preset, and by using the preset alone and go the same result.
    Is it possible that M4 wasn't reinitialized after installing the Elite package?.

  • @wandw Thanks Wanda. That's certainly possible. How do I initialise it? Loooooong time since I installed them!

  • @matb
    For V4 and M4:
    You initialize the V4 figure by browsing to the 'folder you installed your stuff'/runtime/libraries/!DAZ and Click on both: (in Windows; there are Mac scripts in the same directory)



    Also do this with the .bat/.command files for M4 and his bits, too

  • you so much Wanda! I'll check it out.

  • I haven't had any problem with this either, although my default load has morphs++ already in place. Head scale is on the body tab under morphforms>morphs++. Head size is top of the list. The only time I've needed to make the hidden parameters visible is when I've wanted to make the face narrower (selected axis, XYZ) because head size scales the head equally on all axes.