Why do I get this error in P11

  • Every time I open or close Poser 11 I get this error..."Exception in ObjectsDelete()cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects'.
    Could someone explain it, please?

  • Did you install both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions?

    There was some discussion here about this:

    Is there any other error that shows up?

  • Just the 64 bit version and it is the only error.

  • You may have an issue with an addon.

  • @Y-Phil Ahh that's worth noting for future reference Phil.

  • I un-installed it because it kept hanging for some reason.
    When I reinstalled I put it in the root directory of my main drive instead of Program Files directory.
    It worked right for several times but is back at giving the error message.
    Not sure why it does that but it does not interfere with my program so guess it is just a glitch.
    thanks for input. :)

  • @sahani2 said in Why do I get this error in P11:

    Not sure why it does that but it does not interfere with my program so guess it is just a glitch.
    thanks for input. :)

    Check to be sure that any Python packages/scripts you have installed in remote directories (ie: Custom Directory structures that are outside of the main executable directory) also have their libraries present in the applicable content directories in the main, default, directory. In other words - Install or copy/paste the scripts in both your custom directory and the main, default, Poser directory.

    This isn't always a problem, depending upon how the script works. But, it can be an issue. In my experience, which is limited, it happens most frequently with packages that seem to be called upon execution and that are installed with script/menu items present in the "Window"/"Addons" tab. If other scripts/addons have a similar behavior, but appear in a different area, that could also be the issue.

    It may be that some python packages require a complete reinstall when migrating a custom content directory from one Poser version, or physical machine/drive/O.S. to another. Especially those that have an executable install and create their own subdirectory structure. ie: They may require new/refreshed registry entries.

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