I've got the most dislikes in forum history...

  • Somehow in the space of one afternoon, most of which I was alseep for, I set a record for the most dislikes in the Poser forum history when my reputation fell from 51likes to -36 dislikes.

    First of all, I'm not a child of the digital age, so likes and dislikes don't really mean anything to me. That's why I rarely give them out.

    Secondly, could someone who voted me down point me to whatever I said that tripped your switch that bad? I may want to use that again somewhere else.

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    Well, something happened that's for sure, and it is not only you. I see Tracy at minus 19 too.. You guys don't deserve this at all.

    Better ask an admin to look into this.

  • @vilters If it's important to her Tracy can ask. I don't really care. I just find it rather amusing that someone actually thought I would, and spent all that time hitting dislike.

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    You care, otherwise you would not have created a tread Earl.
    But this "disliking" in mass is un-mature.
    Most of us can live with a "motivated " dislike, but this is childish.

    I got a lot of dislikes in the past, but?
    I could understand them most of the time.
    We don't "have" to agree all the time.

    I am a "hard" tech guy,: 2 apps, lots of figures, tja, tensions sometimes rise.

    My hard-core pushing and yes, sometimes hard words to increase quality has cost me at least 30 dislikes over the last months. Was it worth it? Don't know yet. Only 2017 will tell.

    Hey, Happy 2017. Don't worry Earl.

  • @eclark1849 I noticed that myself and was rather bemused. But it does show you who is clicking the dislike button doesn't it? Perhaps an ex-wife has finally tracked you down? Or one of the kids didn't the gift he was hoping for. ;-)

  • @matb You know, Matb I had to go check. Apparently, if you like something, the forum will reveal your name. If you dislike something it won't.

  • @eclark1849

    I took a look at a recent thread you were on (Superfly renders) and saw that harmless idle banter was down-voted on your post and on @Glitteratti3d's post. Strange. Kind of childish if you ask me.

    I've never down-voted anyone and even gave out an up-vote when I thought someone was unduly down-voted.

  • @eclark1849 Oh, what a strange way of doing things. Kind of lets you throw stones from the brush but kisses in full view. Bit cowardly if you ask me.

  • @matb Just cause a user name does not show on the browser page doesn't mean that the admins don't know who that user is. Someone will probably get a quiet warning from the admins.

  • @ghostship Yeah I expect so. I don't like to stifle freedom of speech but that is kinda silly.

  • @ghostship Typical entitled behavior. Small minded people do small minded things.

  • Never let reputation affect you. Ignore it. Just participate for fun, for learning, to help others understand the software better, etc. Reputation up votes and down votes mean nothing to me.

  • I am looking into this.

    I can understand down voting some things, but some of the down voting that happened recently appears to rather biased to me as well. I am not real happy about having to waste the last day of the year looking into this.

    It would be real nice if whoever did this saved me the time and explained to me why they did so before I waste hours getting to the bottom of it.

    So if the person that did this is reading this, save me some time and explain your actions to me in PM.

  • I'll take a look at downvote history. If there is a user constantly downvoting posts, it think such behavior should be penalized in some way. I guess a warning along with a temporary ban would make sense, and in case of repeating this abusive behavior a permanent ban would follow.
    Tell me what you think. Agree/disagree or whatever you find is the most appropriate solution.

  • @admin I agree. I think that all this probably happened last night.

  • It is a bit funny I don't have enough reputation to downvote posts :)

  • @admin ROFL, that's too funny!

    Actually, my preferred "punishment" for this behavior is to see the ability to up and downvote removed from the forum completely.

    It just encourages childish behavior.

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    Wonder what set them off? I'm such a nice guy in real life. :)

  • Well, just found a user with 319 downvotes. (Edit: actually it is 253)
    It is an active user, with a decent reputation and amount of posts.
    He downvoted many users, but most noticeably Gliterrati and eclark.

  • Personally I'm not in favour of sanctions on a first offence. Big believer in accomplishring more with honey than vinegar.