I've got the most dislikes in forum history...

  • @admin said:

    I didn't find the last sentence in that post to be funny at all.
    I hope you don't mind me deleting the post, it certainly is not constructive in any way.

    I wasn't aware I had to get the approval of your sense of humour? That was the one part that was absolutely serious. And frankly it irritates that YOU have now made yourself the arbiter of what is or is not constructive. I was genuinely urging a bit of deeper thought on the issue as to WHY the downvoter did what he did. Maybe his wife really DID die over christmas, or left him, or his kid got hit by a car. I was urging you to take the compassionate route but apparently it's not just the users who overreact. Language and tone policing is for school children not adults, and I resent you abusing your moderation powers in this way.

  • @matb

    No one over reacted
    No one abused their power.
    We even went as far to ask what all of you think about it as well.

    Things were discussed, the points returned, the downvoting disabled, etc

    On the arbitration part, every forum has the right to do whatever they feel is best.
    A lot goes on in the background, that the general users never see.
    And the compassionate part you mentioned, we did exactly that.
    It was partly your idea...

    Seriously thou, we are not out to be the bad guys, but at the same time we do have a job to do.

  • @shvrdavid said in I've got the most dislikes in forum history...:

    We are looking into what to do about the whole voting system.

    Disabling down voting was done to stop someone from intentionally abusing the system, that's it.

    With that said,

    Happy New Year everyone.

    I'm just getting around to catching up on this thread, and I'm happy to see you've disabled down voting.

    There are times I like to use a Like (or on this forum an Up vote), but this is the first forum I have come across (and I'm a member on lots of forums) where there has been the ability to down vote a post, so disabling that option is definitely fine with me.

    The suggestion to limit how many votes can be made per day, that's fine by me as well. I'm sure I'll be in favor of whatever the admins/moderators here finally decide, but leaving the down voting disabled would be a plus in my book.

    To quote Scott, with that said, Happy New Year folks. I only have 1 hour and 52 minutes before celebrating, and I'm looking forward to 2017, and what "good" it will bring. ~wink~

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    There are a lot of forums that allow down voting, especially news forums. And if a post gets enough down votes it gets hidden from view and you have to click the post to read it. Even youtube did that - not sure if they still do. Sometimes voting on a post is enough for people to express their opinion and it avoids their desire to actually reply, which can lead to arguments.

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    @eclark1849 said in I've got the most dislikes in forum history...:

    @AmbientShade Rather interesting point of view coming from someone who used to be a mod.

    Yeah, key word being 'used to'. Never again.

  • @shvrdavid I wasn't talking to or about you shvr, I was referring to the other admin's deleting of my very innocuous but sincerely meant comment about evaluating the downvoter's comment in light of a possible holiday trauma. S/he deleted my comment AND said it was in bad taste. Even if it WAS in bad taste, (which it wasn't), provided there was no personal attack or profanity, it was heavy handed tone policing to delete it. This goes outside the job you are there to do.
    I DO believe that YOU have the best interests of the COMMUNITY at heart, if not its indivual users. I haven't seen enough of the other admin's behaviour to have an opinion. This action doesn't inspire confidence but I'll put it down to him/her simply being overzealous.

    As for the up/down voting thing, I appreciate your dilemma and whilst I am generally in favour of freedom of expression, as I have already said, I appreciate that it's a two-sided situation, and you do what you feel you want to for the overall good of the community. I kind of think that infantalising everybody creates infants who need safe spaces, but like I say, anarchy may destroy what is a valuable space for us all.

    Seriously thou, we are not out to be the bad guys, but at the same time we do have a job to do.

    And I don't WANT to be that guy that's always causing trouble or complaining, but nor will I be that guy that people just push around. I'm sure that you can empathise with that?

    With that said, a very Happy New Year to you and everybody. Let's wipe the slate and move onto a creative and satisfying year ahead.

  • My two coppers:

    Post "ratings" in small to small"ish" forum communities is generally rife with issues and can cause more trouble than utility. (My experience, both as mod/admin and user, since the interwebz was invented... and before. ;) )

    My personal recommendation on this topic in such communities is an "upvote only" sort of system or a "star ranking" sort of system or, preferably, none at all. This avoids the personal conflicts and consternation that can occur when there's some sort of ruckus or shenanigans going on...

  • Happy New Year everybody!

  • @eclark1849 not for another three hours, dude!

  • Time travel.

  • Happy New Year's, guys. (A few minutes left for me. ;) )

  • I'm on the east coast of US, so we're six minutes in.

  • @eclark1849 said in I've got the most dislikes in forum history...:

    I'm on the east coast of US, so we're six minutes in.

    3 diff darn clocks in front of me, all with different times... all supposedly "synched" to... something. :/ Oh well, everything considered, maybe it's best if I don't really know when it's coming. :)

    Better go old-tech and turn on the T.V.!

  • poor bastards in Australia: right now it's 4 in the afternoon. Probably drinking a beer and watching rugby on the TV.

  • Happy New Year folks. I'm also on the East Coast, and it's now an hour and 8 minutes into the New Year. ~grin~

  • @Miss-B 8 hours and 14 minutes later. So far... so good.

  • @matb said in I've got the most dislikes in forum history...:

    And I don't WANT to be that guy that's always causing trouble or complaining, but nor will I be that guy that people just push around. I'm sure that you can empathise with that?

    Yes, I understand where you are coming from, but I also see the other side of it as well.

    I think that one area about all of this gets missed. If you put pins on a map where the people that run this forum live, you quickly see that it is comprised of people from all over with many different backgrounds. So when we all get together and discuss something, each angle is based on that to a point as well. There is also the language differences as well. You see that within the forum as well.

    All of us are a diverse group of individuals. Like I said before, civil opinions are always welcome. Every post can be interpreted in many ways, depending on who is reading it. All of that is taken into consideration, and in this case, so was what many of you thought about it as well.

    And as far as you rocking the boat on an issue like this, as long as it is civil, in good taste, and isn't going to start an interrupted issue, that's fine. The post that was removed had the potential to do just that. It had the potential to do far more damage than good even thou your intentions were not pointed that way at all. It was already a touchy situation to begin with.

    Like I said before, the people that run this site have a job to do, many do so from behind the scenes, some come right out and tell you about it. Which ones do you prefer to remove something? Ones that just do it and never say a word, or ones that tell you they did, then ask you what your opinion is on the rest of the whole situation.

    Very few forums ask the users what they think about an issue, and far less take it into consideration. We asked all of you about this issue, when we could have just as easily buried it and moved on. It would have been a lot easier to bury it, and we didn't go that route.

    Which way would you prefer we do it?

    Like you said, its 2017. Time for a clean slate and move on.

  • @morkonan
    I agree with you there. This forum is too small to need this sort of ranking. Those that have a generally positive input will be known anyway.

    Maybe it is good to recap (or define first) what is meant by an 'upvote' of a post. Does that mean:

    • we think the post contains important information or important input to the discussion and want to make the post stand out so other forum users can find it easily, or
    • we like or agree with what is being said in the post, or
    • we express our gratitude to the author of the post for taking the trouble to write it.
      did I forget anything??

    We have to decide what we want the ranking numbers to mean before we can decide what facilities we need in this forum.
    In absence of agreement, indeed we better have no facility at all so it cannot be misunderstood also.

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    Personally I like the voting system, though can see the potential for abuse. I like the idea of limiting the number of votes that can be made by any single user in a 24 hour period; beyond that forum members could simply report any instances they consider abusive to admins.

    A forum like this thrives on information & I think the voting system can be useful, especially for those new to Poser.