I've got the most dislikes in forum history...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @admin lol - I know it was weak! ha ha

  • @matb
    I didn't find the last sentence in that post to be funny at all.
    I hope you don't mind me deleting the post, it certainly is not constructive in any way.

  • @admin Just so you know, it's really not important to me at all, although I do admit curiosity as to who and why. That said, I don't care if you punish him or not, but seems like you do need to do something to stop anyone from abusing the system in the future.

  • @eclark1849 Freedom of speech and of click is certainly a double edged sword that's for sure Errol! How would YOU handle this if you were the admin?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Thanks for looking into this.

    Let's finish 2016 in style, and have some nice moments to get to 2017.
    Best regards all, Tony

  • @matb I'm not the admin. Doesn't matter how I would handle it.

  • The reputation system was probably designed to give the general users a voice, so to speak.

    But looking thru what happened is nothing more than an attack against a few people.

    I am going to be completely honest about this, I am not happy about this at all.
    All of us are here for basically the same reasons, we share, learn, laugh, and occasionally scratch our heads.
    Many of us have been talking to each other on one forum or another for years.
    Many of us are basically friends that have never met. That's how I look at it anyway.
    Sure, we may not always agree, and that's a good thing not a bad one.

    What has happened exposes a flaw in the system that I questioned a few times before.
    I have not down voted a single post since the site was created, not a single one.
    I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their opinions, etc, as long as it is civil.

    Yes I have moderated more than a few things on various sites, some of which many of you may not have even noticed.
    This is a new thing to moderate so to speak, and it isn't something that is easily corrected either way.
    The points system was put in with good intentions by the NodeBB crew and it makes me wonder how often this has happened at other forums that use the same backbone.

    I try to be as fair a moderator as possible, but you cant always be fair to everyone at the same time.
    What happened here isn't fair to far more people than it first was aimed at.

    Now it has to be dealt with, by people it wasn't even aimed at in the first place.

  • This site isn't that busy and rarely are there a bunch of posts that need to be voted on one way or the other. Perhaps a limit might be imposed. People might be less likely to downvote someone they just don't like if they had to ration their votes and save a few for a truly bad post.

  • @redphantom Excellent idea. Votes lose their value positive or negative when thrown around like confetti. Perhaps 5 votes per day? Or even just 3.

  • Lets start with disabling downvote points, for start.
    After that, I'll look for a plugin that enables setting some sort of rules on voting.

    So, we have only upvotes availble, as downvoting is disabled for now,.
    Is everyone fine with that?
    Edit: Also, I'll give it a try to refund points lost due to misbehaving user mentioned above.

  • @admin I'm good with anything you suggest. Thank you!

  • @shvrdavid Honestly, I would prefer the up/down voting not exist at all.

    If you really like something I posted, I'd prefer to know why and feedback is far more important than an upvote.

    On the flipside, I would prefer to understand why you dislike something as well.

  • @Glitterati3D

    I can understand that. The system does have some oddities, and what you mentioned is another one

  • Why trouble to refund points? Why not put all person on even field and remove all points for everyone? It seems to me that point system is pointless (sorry pun) if it is agreed that points mean nothing. (:

    But on other topic it has to be said this forum of all main Poser forum is least friendly Poser forum. I am not arguing it is just true. Truly some people I have seen here are very super nice. No lie. Friendly people and caring people and helpful. (:

    But then some people and it is just a little few are mean and rude when given opinion with they don't agree. They attack and are so rude and aggressive. It is not civil. It is rude. And now we feel sorry for them because they were mistreated with votes? I don't understand this. I feel that it was wrong to vote down them for nothing but when rude people are treated rudely I don't see it. Maybe this is wakeup call not only for system of votes. Maybe for all to just be nice! (:

    Hivewire is pleasant. So nice! And to be true some of the bad actors here are so pleasant there. So what do we say? All that happen here is because of what is allowed here. I know this won't be liked. I am not arguing. But I am civil.

    It was a stupid thing to do for that person if this is what they did. But. Whatever.

    We go on. Take away all points.

    And be nice everyone. Make art not arguments.

  • Glitterati3D, eclark and matt, I got most of your negative points refunded...there may be couple more, but the most have been covered.
    The process of reverting these was....frustrating, the least to say.

    Now, for all of my hard work, give me your likes - need all 3 of you voting so I finally reach 10 reputation! :)
    PS: I need 10 points so I can finally downvote people....ooops, i ment to say test downvoting xD

  • I still love you, Earl... :)

  • @wandw Awww, shucks!

  • I like being able to upvote. Being able to downvote doesn't add anything useful, so far as I can see. It just encourages people to fight.