Poser 11 not installing on Mac

  • hi guys, (Happy New Year)

    am having a problem installing Poser 11 for Mac which I just purchased.

    The Smith Micro Download manager seems fine and I installed all the softwares without an error.

    But when I try and start the program with the Poser icon, it asks for my name, serial number and email address, which I put in correctly. After that nothing happens, and the program does not start.

    Anyone faced this problem before? Please help


  • What do you mean "nothing happens"?Have you tried restarting the program? Does it ask for the serial number again?

  • @eclark1849 , yes, nothing happens, as in, even the Poser icon on my dock stops bouncing.
    and yes, it asks me again for my details when i restart the program.
    even tried reinstalling the software and updates, but got the same result.

  • @ashrod Hi , I am just curious if you got it to work ? I have a brand new MacBook pro that I am interested in installing poser pro 11.