How to add Show/Hide All Palettes to Command Bar?

  • As far as I can tell, it's not possible to add this particular action to the Command Bar. Does anyone know why? It's a very frustrating limitation when you're on a tablet (in my case, a Surface Pro 4 sans keyboard).

    There are workarounds, but it seems to me like it should be possible to add any action to the Command Bar. Especially basic ones like Show/Hide All Palettes.

  • If your palettes are docked, clicking the chevrons at the top of the dock will collapse or expand the palettes same as clicking Tab. If you prefer floating palettes, you can place palettes on the command bar. You wouldn't be able to open or close all palettes at one time but it's easy to select the one palette that you need and close it again when you don't need it anymore.

  • It is odd that you cannot put it on the command bar when most other Menu items can be put there ( including the functionally similar...Hide Title/Menu Bar). It looks like an omission/oversight and as you say it becomes increasingly needed with keyboard-less users. Even with the keyboard it is odd that it is the only shortcut key that cannot be re-defined to a different key... it is stuck at Tab. Another workaround would have been to switch to a different workspace.... but again you cannot put that command on the taskbar. For now it looks like Garlam's suggestion is the best option. Have you looked at custom toolbar creation tools ..e.g.

  • Not only could you add the Hide Title/Menu Bar to the Command Bar, you can add a Hide Command Bar to the Command Bar. If you were on a tablet and you were to hide the Title and Menu Bars and then hide the Command Bar you would be screwed until you could get a keyboard up and running.

    With the Surface Pro, is there a way to add smart gestures?
    Maybe TAB can be assigned to a gesture.

  • I suppose I simply wanted to know if there was a particular reason that Hide/Show All Palettes couldn't be added to the Command Bar. Otherwise, like 888toto says, it seems like a strange oversight.

    There are indeed workarounds. I'm using, which is a bit less intuitive than TouchMe, but free and open-source and very powerful. At the moment I've mapped a three-finger tap to TAB and it works well enough.