BHow to blur a group of layers?

  • I have often a group of layers inside a folder (for example for a background). To blur them I need to duplicate the folder, combine the folder to obtain a single layer and after that blur it.

    Is there a way to apply "a kind of correction layer", or something like that, to blur the underneath folder?

    My goal is to maintain the orginal layers, to modify them if necessary and, at the same time, obtain the blur effect.

    Many thanks and sorry form my english.

  • There is no Blur "correction layer" , I would use the function Layer>Combine_copies_of_displayed_layer to get an instant combined image and then blur that. Note:- You can to a limited extent use that also as a blur "correction Layer"... Blur it three times as much as you want and then reduce its opacity to 50% ... the layers below will show through but be blurred by the blurred layer.... this can work if you only make tonal changes and minor content changes to the layers below... but it will not work well if you add major content to those lower layers.

  • I think it's something that celsys should consider. A set of correction layer to apply effects on below layers. It would help.

  • It does have a good range of Correction Layers ( you can find tonal correction layers under the Layers menu) ... but there is just not one for Blur ( I don't think there is one for Blur in Photoshop either.). I would expect a Blur correction layer to impose too much re-calculation of values when painting and so would cause brushes to become unusably laggy. The Tonal Correction layers can be applied to all the layers below or can be clipped to apply to only the layer immediately below.

  • @888toto In photoshop there should be "Make Smart Object" / "Convert to Smart Object" (CC 2014) that group all the layers you want and allow you to apply effects.

  • @ccorsani Yes ... but as you cannot Draw/paint on the smart object layer I'm not sure what that gives you above what you get from "Combine_copies_of_displayed_layer"