Weird bone problem

  • I was adding bones to a snake figure I'm working on. Added a number of bones, then added one as a child to the others, and the previous bones was rotated, scaled up and now sticks out of the screen unrelated to my geometry.

    Undid it and the same thing happens, with each subsequent bone, although laid down left to right in the top view, being added to the stack now progressing towards me in the z plane.

    Anyone seen this before and got ant any suggestions please? The z bone is very pale grey in this image.


  • @matb

    Do all bones have the same joint order? ie: x,y,z When creating new bones that tend to stretch along a radically difference axis from another, maybe Poser is reordering the joints for those bones based on the "new" main axis of rotation?

  • @morkonan Thanks for responding. I don't know - I was ineptly following a tutorial, simply clicking a start, clicking an end, then repeating. All is done in the top view, so the axes should not be altering in that regard if that's what you mean? I assume there's no reason why the joint order should have changed, but I'll try it again in case I inadvertently messed something up with my bewildered click fest!

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @matb You can check and change the joint rotation order in the joint editor. Select a bone and open the joint editor. At the bottom of the window you'll see a box that says joint order and an arrow beside some configuration of xyz. Make sure all your bones are the same rotation order in the chain. They should be by default but sometimes Poser likes to play games.

  • @AmbientShade Thank you, but is there any reason why the rotation order would randomly change from one bone to the next as I create them?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @matb Poser tries to apply rotation order based on what direction you draw the bone in initially. Sometimes that isn't the rotation you want to use though, so you need to change it.
    But that's not necessarily the issue you're having with this project, you just need to check to make sure the rotation orders are all the same for each bone if you're creating a long chain. If they are, then something else is causing it. It's not supposed to behave that way though.
    Rotation order shouldn't cause the bone to shoot off into space like that, even if it isn't the correct order. Something else is causing it.

  • @AmbientShade Thank you so much for the information.