G3F Provides Pauline with Shoes!

  • I have been testing exporting G3F clothes from Studio as OBJs and turning them into conforming clothes in the fitting room. This is extremely easy for fitting G2F because, for all the hoopla, her dimensions are nearly the same as G3F. I took a chance during the big DAZ sales and purchased Something Wicked, which included boots for the first time. The zero poses for the two figures are so close that a little work with scaling and the morph brush gave me a good fit for the boots, which as we all know are typically a bear to convert from one figure to another. I noticed that the OBJs for G3F shoes are made in the zeroed position. Would the same approach apply for Pauline?

    Yes, converting G3F clothes and shoes is about as easy, though the relatively minor difference in zeroed poses requires a bit more time. Here is Jana (Pauline) wearing Something Wicked. I had to do minor work for poke through once the figure was posed, and I applied new materials to replace the ones transferred with the OBJs. There is no postwork.

    0_1483446372995_Jana Something Wicked.jpg

    Here are the OBJs loaded and placed on Pauline. For some reason, the sleeves were the most annoying thing to deal with (with G2F as well), and I have to pose the forearms of the conforming version to get the fit right.

    0_1483446727048_Pauline OBJs Placed.jpeg

    Here is the boot OBJ worked with the morph brush to get a close fit.

    0_1483446781454_Pauline OBJs Boots Shrink Wrapped.jpeg

    I entered the fitting room and loaded the boots (not zeroed) with Pauline (zeroed) as the target. I used the rigid features setting, although I don't know if that makes any difference. APPLYING NO FITTING AT ALL, I created a new conforming character. I did not transfer morphs because I can use "copy morphs" from later. I transferred the bones EXCEPT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL TOES. I used auto grouping.

    I hid the OBJ and posed Pauline's foot until the heel and and sole were touching the ground. These are peep-toe boots, so Pauline's toes need to be right. The foot's angle angle was 61 degrees (45 on G2F). I deleted the new conforming boots, bent Pauline's toes to -61 degrees, referred the fitting room, and re-ran the procedure WITHOUT zeroing Pauline this time.

    0_1483447048872_Pauline Initial Conversion Toes -61 Degrees.jpeg

    I had a good conversion. I posed the feet properly and conformed the boots. I had to select the toes on the boots and bend them to match the feet. I saved Pauline's feet as a partial pose to use whenever I apply the garment. Then I went to work on the boots with the morph brush to make things right. Even with not fitting applied, the conversion created a slight bend in the extremely long hee, which I straightened out with the morph brush.

    0_1483447534364_Pauline Converted Morph Brush.jpeg

    I have used this process so far on two other pairs of shoes (no heel bend occurred). The OBJ for Dangle Pumps was, it looked to me, and unwelded mess, so that took a good bit of morph brush work.

    0_1483447663112_Dangle Pumps Final.jpeg

    0_1483447703534_Overknee Boots Conformed.jpeg

    I Haven't tried other figures, but if the zero pose is close enough to G3F, this should work for anything.

    I'm taking my computer to the shop this morning, so I will not have access to my files for a day or two if anyone has questions. Happy conforming!

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    Splendid discover.

  • Here's an update. Though most of G3F's shoes load as OBJs in the zeroed pose, a minority load already shaped to the foot. Here I am using Pretty3D's Overtime for G3F. If you are dealing with shoes or rigid below-the-knee boots, you can convert them to smart props. This assumes you have the usual pair of shoes, not separate obj for each shoe (If there is an OBJ for each, you can save a few steps). Pose Pauline to match the shoes. Size and use the morph brush per my original post to iron out any poke through.

    0_1484234112654_Overtime Shoes OBJ and Conforming Conversion.jpeg

    Go to the fitting room and without applying any fitting create a conforming figure using my earlier guidance. Don't bother to conform it because it won't work right. The new figure has body parts thanks to auto grouping. Go to file and export an OBJ. First, select the left toe and foot (and shin as needed) and save it as the left shoe. Repeat for the right.

    0_1484234174628_Overtime Shoes Left OBJ Reimported.jpeg

    Now import those OBJs and position them. Change the parent to Pauline's foot or shin, as appropriate. Now save your partial feet pose for Pauline and the shoes as props (save as smart prop). Et la! This image uses the materials that converted with the OBJ.

    0_1484234300259_Overtime Conformed.jpeg

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    Way to go, rob.
    Thanks for the valuable info.

  • Another update: Converting G3M shoes and clothes for Paul in the fitting room is easy peasy because the figures' zero poses are extremely close.

    Load the shoes and scale to fit. These are Short Gore Boots for G3M.

    0_1484844255675_Paul Short Gore Boots OBJ loaded.jpeg

    Apply the morph brush.

    0_1484844282093_Paul Short Gore Boots OBJ lMorph Brush.jpeg

    Go to the fitting room and as for Pauline, do no fitting. I use the rigid setting. Simply "create figure." Don't use transfer morphs. Select the toes, foot, etc, and punch it. Here are the conforming boots.

    0_1484844464307_Paul Short Gore Boots Conformed.jpeg

    Clothes you do need to do fitting, but Paul's arms at zero allow you to get the sleeves entirely around the wrist, so I have not had to bend a sleeve on the conforming version to get the fit right. Cheers.