What are some easy ways to switch pencil line art to cyan?

  • First of all, Happy New Year!!! Thank you to all the helpful people on this forum. Spent winter break learning to color in CSP and now going back to photoshop is becoming laborious.

    I received some pencil drawings I want to print in cyan and hand ink. I only had time to try a few times, and got a solid cyan, but was not sure how to convert it to a cyan with opacity showing the gradient. Which is what I think I want.
    But any suggestions welcome. Probably can not get %100 cyan but close enough to make it easy to remove after scanning in the inks.

  • On the Layer property palette there is a line of "Effects"... click the blue box icon and it will default change to Cyan ( you can choose another color if you wish ). If the pencil drawing has shades of grey/Black then it should be shown in shades of Cyan. If its lacking tonal depth in the Cyan you may want to try using Edit>Convert brightness to Opacity before switching on the Cyan Layer color effect.... Happy New Year !

  • Cool. Thanks. I figured it was something easy that I just overlooked.
    Convert brightness to opacity sounds like something super useful as well that I did not know about.

    Still rocking that Jack pen you gave me as well. The first pen I used that was not stock so all the other brushes I get go in that folder. Congrats, you have a folder named after you now :-)

    alt text