Material Options for 3D models

  • Hello,

    I have made a few custom 3D models to use as sets and props to use in my comic.
    By exporting an OBJ with a texture map, I have been able to import the 3D objects and textures (in .png format) successfully, but I would like to know if I can define any materials for the 3D objects. It seems as if there is only one (traditional cgi) material, like a phong or blinn material. Are there any preexisting materials like Reflective Chrome or such? Since we have to edit any .mtl file to make sure the .png texture works, I was wondering if we could also specify what material to use. Currently mine are set to defaultMaterial. I don't know much about this. Just wondering if the options exist. Thanks.

  • There is no option for changing the way 3D objects are rendered (with the exception of Lighting which throws no cast shadows). The rendering is pretty basic.