Question about Tool Switching

  • Hello. I am having a problem with CSP Pro.
    To be brief, if you are familiar with Paint Tool SAI, you know that when you flip your pen over to the eraser side, it'll swap to whatever tool you had set to that side.
    In CSP however, whenever I flip my pen over, it'll erase, but the tool itself will not switch to the eraser, instead, it will simply stay on the currently selected tool.
    So my question is, how would I tell CSP, to actually swap to the eraser tool itself when I flip my pen to the eraser side?

  • It can be set differently for different types of tool... but Pens/Brushes usually have it set by default to the currently selected eraser in the eraser palette.. You can change what the back of the pen does in File>Modifier keys. Towards the bottom of its list of modifier key combinations there is an item you can set called "Tail Switch"... this is the setting for the back of the pen. Note that if you set it for one brush ( to "change tool temporarily Eraser" ) it will be setting all brushes. Similarly if you set it for one pen it will set all pens.

    Note that even if it is set to Eraser... you can put a differrent tool in the set of erasers and if that is the current selected eraser then thats what the back of the pen will switch to... e.g. I use that intentionally to usually have a blurring brush on the back of my stylus ... and if I need an eraser I just pick Transparency as my color and use the front of the pen as the eraser. By having a few extra tools in my set of erasers I can quickly set the back of the stylus to some other tool without re-programming the modifier key settings.

  • @888toto Thanks for the response, but I actually knew that already. This is not what I am asking. It's kind of hard to put into words without sounding confusing. Sorry about that. I will try to be more clear.
    For example, when you press E, the tool will switch to the Eraser, correct? Now press P and it will go back to the pen, right? Now, how would I make the eraser side of my pen actually swap to the eraser tool itself like it would when I press E? By default, it will just stay on whatever tool I have selected, but still erase, and this is not the behavior I would like.
    Again, sorry for the confusion. I hope I was easier to understand.

  • If the "tail Switch" is set to Eraser then it switches to the tool that was last used in the set of erasers... it does not stay with your current tool/brush. If you press E it will switch the front of your pen to eraser mode. It does not indicate in the tool palettes that it has switched to eraser when you turned over the pen but that is what it does.... e.g. go to the erasers and make the current eraser really big... then go back to you pen and try it... when you turnn over the pen you should have a really big earser.

  • @888toto So it won't actually switch to the eraser, but just highlight the currently selected tool, and erase based on your eraser settings?
    Darn... That is pretty inconvenient... I hope they add a selection for swapping tools when switching sides.
    Thank you for answering!

  • No, you are not understanding me sorry.... When you turn over the pen it switches to the eraser ( or you can set it to switch to whatever you like).... but it regards the switch over as temporary so the settings and name of the tool on the back of the pen are not displayed sub tool and tool property palette.... but it ceratinly does actually switch over.

  • @888toto It switches tools, but doesn't visibly switch to the eraser on the tools bar. That's what you have explained to me, right? Thank you, I did understand you!
    It's certainly a very confusing thing to try to explain!