Help Please on Divide Frame Border Equally

  • Hi, I have tried all things for hours, that I can find the simple solution here. I watched a PJ Holden older Manga tutorial on creating frames and at 8:35 of this vid:

    he shows how he clicks the "divide frame equally"--his frames come up with gutters in between. I have followed each step but my frames are created with just a line in between, never a gutter. I have set hor. space and vert. space, etc. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong I'd love to hear! Thank you.

  • There are two places to set the gutter space. One is in the tool property if you're using the Divide Frame tool and the other is in Preferences if you divide the frame some other way (using the Layer Menu).

    Go to File>Preferences>Layer/Frame and set the gutter space there. Then go to your Divide Frame tool and put a check in Space of Frame Border in Preferences so you don't have two gutter spaces set. If you ever want a gutter space with a different width or vertical, uncheck that box, change the space, divide the frame and check the box again.

  • @garlam That totally worked. THANK YOU AGAIN. I wish I could find you and give you many presents, by the way, you and couple others on here. :)