I can't download this on my new computer

  • I got a new computer recently. On my old one, I got this program a while ago. Now I'm trying to get it on my new computer but I'm having a bit of trouble. I found the email I got when I bought the full software, giving me a whole bunch of download links for it. I clicked the one for windows but, once it's downloaded, it's a zipped folder. I try unzipping it, but once my unzipping finishes, it's still zipped. Please tell me how to fix this.

  • The software you use to unzip the file won't replace the zipped file with the unzipped contents. Maybe the contents are being unzipped to different location. For example, the zipped file may have been downloaded to the Downloads folder and the unzipped contents may be unzipped in My Documents.

  • Oh...
    Now I feel stupid, but I honestly do thank you for helping me. It's weird, I was extracting the file into downloads, but it just wasn't appearing there.