CSP zoom/rotate gestures stopped in W10

  • All my gestures were working great in CSP. Zoom, rotate, one finger navigation, and my wacom gestures like 5 finger tap to reset canvas.

    Suddenly, zoom and rotate stopped. Two fingers only navigates. I do have a new mouse, not much else has changed.
    But, I had to reinstall W10. CSP zoom/rotate came back. Great. Next day. Gone again.

    1. Switch use of touch operation with finger unselected (or finger turns into a brush instead of navigating).

    2. File>Preferences>Interface>Touch Operation Settings>Adjust an interface to suit touch operations CHECKED

    3. Modifier Key Settings (Shift+mousewheel=rotate so my new logitech MX master thumb scroll will horizontally scroll)
      alt text

    There must be somewhere else I should be looking? Or something changed when I downloaded new software for my new mouse?
    Thanks for any ideas of where to look next.

  • EDIT: I thought zoom and other gestures where working for w10 photo app and chrome. But now they seemed to have stopped working elswhere. So what I though was a CSP issue, is probably a windows 10 fighting with me issue.