Cameras lost

  • I have some busy scenes that have too many figures in to render in a single hit so I've divided them into segments that don't have overlapping figures, then created a dolly camera at a fixed position. I save the scene without figures as my termplate, then add figures, save the scene. Load the the template, repeat. But the problem is, the camera keeps relocating. It's not set to "point at" anything in the scene, so it's not dependent upon the location of figures in the scene. I've had this problem with more than one project, and it drives me crazy as I'm essentially trying to matchmove a single frame. I realize I can manually create and save a camera, but even that does not produce the same field of view when applied to copies of the scene. Has anyone else ever encounterred a similar phenomena, and if so, what was your solution?

  • If the camera is moving and not just diapering I would make a control prop and parent the camera to it. Low res ball from the primitives folder should do. Try that.

  • Diapering?

  • @matb damn spell correction. disappearing

  • @ghostship said in Cameras lost:

    @matb damn spell correction. disappearing

    I actually thought I had just learned some industry-specific camera/dolly term... I quickly filed it away so I could use it the next time I was invited onto a movie-set. Thanks for coming back and correcting the error, you saved me a lot of embarrassment IF I had ever been invited onto a movie-set... :)

  • @morkonan ROFL! I was thinking it was something to do with sphincter apertures! :-)

  • you guys!

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    @morkonan ROFL! I was thinking it was something to do with sphincter apertures! :-)

    Sphincter Apertures? Do you mean Iris Apertures? :)

    *"This Sphincter needs to be tighter! It's letting too much in! Quick, someone go get Ralph, he can tighten up a Sphincter like nobody else! He solved the Sphincter problem we were having on "The Orient Express" during that tunnel scene."

  • @morkonan ROFL! You call it what YOU want, and I'll do the same lol!