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  • When attempting to save to my library, I am getting the following message (attached). The figure I am attempting to save does not save, and Poser goes into a repetitive loop where each time I click OK the message re-appears, forcing me to use task manager to end the Poser process. I'm using Poser Pro 11, latest update, Win7.0_1484087229952_error.jpg

  • I've had this issue when creating .pmd/external morph files. To do that, I switch back and forth in my Preferences menu, toggling "Use External Binary Morph Data" on/off as needed. (I use the external pmd files to help create injection/remove morph poses for custom morphs.)

    It may be that what you're trying to load/save was created with Use External Binary Morph Data checked "on" in your General Preferences options and, now, you have it set to not use such files. (Generally, most people do not use external binary morph pmd files, I would imagine.)

    Try toggling the External Binary Morph option in your General Preferences to "on." Then save the figure. This will generate an external pmd file the same name of the morphed figure. If you don't want to use external morph data files, which most don't, then after the figure is saved, toggle the feature off in your Preferences and then shut down Poser. Restart it, load the figure again, it "should" use the external pmd file to load the morphs, then save the figure normally, without the "Use External Binaries" checked and see if that works.

    I can't remember what workaround I used to save the data, but I do know that I ended up having to eventually delete the pmds that were accidentally generated when I once left the setting turned on. I "think" I was still able to retain the morphed info in the CR2, itself, instead, which is where I wanted it.

  • Never again will I use external binary morphs. I thought this time it's different and they worked the kinks out and I can save smaller files (that's the point to them afaik)

    I did some morhs to a character, save it to the characters library, made a Poser scene and save that, made a second Poser scene with the same character and got a warning that the EBM would be over written. I'm done with EBM's.

  • @ghostship & morkonan: Thanks for the replies. I take it EBM's are inj (and associated) files which reside on a Runtime located outside of a C drive? It's profoundly embarrassing to have used Poser this long (with a break between P4 and P9) and to be so ignorant of the tech side of Poser. morkonan, I'll give it a try and thanks again.

  • @islandman6 If you have EBM checked in your preffs Poser saves your work files as two files with the morphs being saved on a separate file from the scene. It's supposed to save disk space but I think that disk space is so cheap now it does not matter. The problems it brings are not worth the headache for the little benefit of lower disk space used.

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    @islandman6 - Nerd3d's guide here goes into a lot of detail on PMD's in case you need it.

  • @caisson and everyone: Many, many thanks for your replies. Nerd's guide was precisely what I needed. I am seriously grateful to you people.