Weird crash redux

  • I continue to get extremely irritating crashes during rendering, but it's weirder and I have more info in case anyone might have an idea about the cause.
    Superfly rendering with BPT off, other settings more or less on standard.
    Render many times - fine. Add ezdome. mess with lighting - fine. Start connecting and disconnecting Ez dome nodes - Lock with the following dialogue 100% of the time.


    BUT, and this is where it gets weird - open task manager, all processors working, Poser still running. In Poser, cancel unresponsive. Tried leaving for ages, no change. Use task manager to close Poser, dialogue above stays on screen BUT Poser gives me a "Do you want to save before closing" option. If I accept, file is saved fine but Poser doesn't close and dialogue remains on screen.

    I can't figure if this is because EZ dome is revealing a Poser problem or causing one. Thoughts? Anyone else had the same?

  • @matb

    Hi Mat

    This error I've got several times,its my most common error

    How to conquer this error,in my case I do simple render something like Construct with GPU selected and then open scene which I want to render in first place and render,this usually allow me to render scene,sometimes this error will return after while

    I'm suspecting its down to Cycles/SuperFly or rather I would say is down to CUDA ...

    Not sure if its down to the EZDome,this error I've got in other scenes where EZDome hasn't been,but this error I've seen only with GPU only there and I usually don't use BPT

    Hope this helps


  • @matb Gotta break it down to it's parts and see where it fails. When I found that bug with ezdome and transparencies (that is aparently fixed in a Poser SR that is not out yet) I started removing the inner dome in the hierarchy. I uncheck it's visibility and then I go into the mat room and remove all the extra stuff from the outer dome and plug the image map into the amb port. I'm not getting crashes when I do this.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    I had a similar issue with previous SR's & beta's - the progress bar comes up & then it seems to freeze. Poser still running in task manager, render does complete but had to close Poser in task manager.

    Cause seemed random; I could not reproduce it reliably & consistently.

    I have not had this occur at all for at least the last two SR's; note that I don't use EZDome at present.